Autocue Hire, Teleprompter, Autoscript System

  • Autocue rental and teleprompter hire with operator

    Excelsior Film & Video offer a complete Autocue / teleprompter hire service together with an experienced operator who will scroll the text at a speed to suit your presenter by constantly adjusting the scrolling speed. Even the most unskilled presenter can look highly polished using our versatile teleprompter which can be used with the smallest DSLR to the largest broadcast camera.

    Adding our teleprompter service to your filming budget greatly reduces the amount of filming time on set and also saves time in post production by reducing editing.

    We deliver our teleprompter to your site, setup and then operate it for you making any changes to the script as filming necessary.

    The teleprompter is supplied with a heavy duty tripod leaving you to concentrate on your camera, sound and lighting. Our operators are always well dressed and presented and easily merge with the filming team to assist where required on the shoot.

    Autocue Hire Costs

    £350 per day with operator.
    £250 per ½ day with operator.
    Travelling 45p per mile, London standard is £50 including congestion charge.
    Parking and any other expenses at cost.

    The Excelsior Film & Video team have many years of teleprompting experience. We have provided teleprompting services to numerous well known presenters, celebrities and films stars and also serve blue chip clients such as Unilever, Virgin, Siemens, Santander, Lloyds TSB etc etc.

    Autocue Hire Costs

    Regular method with the presenter looking straight to camera which is behind mirrored glass.

    Portable Reflectmedia™ green screen chroma key set-up with a Litering™ which fits around the lens of the camera with the text screen above the lens. Traditional green screen and chroma key studio set-ups can use the regular teleprompting system.

    Projection of an interviewer onto the screen enabling an inexperienced person to answer questions directly into the camera maintaining eyeline.

    Simple off camera setup usually to mimic an interview where your camera is filming a three quarter profile of your subject.

    Further Information

    1 day is 10 hours base to base from Crawley near Gatwick Airport flexible over booked days Half day is 6 hours base to base finishing at or before 1pm or starting at or after 1pm All costs are plus VAT

    Please note that Autocue bookings are billed in advance and payment made at the time of booking.

    Teleprompter Hire Optional Extras

    Including all necessary sound and lighting
    £500 per day
    £350 per ½ day
    Self-op £150 full or half day

    With Sennheiser MKE416 mic with Rycote basket, softie and boom
    Sony or Sennheiser Radio mics
    £250 per day
    £150 per ½ day

    Apple Final Cut Studio system with editor/assistant
    £500 per day, £350 per ½ day

    Reflectmedia™ green screen chroma key set-up with a Litering™
    £100 per day