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Chroma Key / Blue / Green Screen Video Filming Facility

Chroma key Green Screen Filming Studio

Chromakey video compositing is a technique that has been used for many years in the TV and film industry for separating actors and presenters from a background, and then adding (compositing) a different background electronically, it is sometimes referred to as matting.

Video Film Crew with chromakey kit £650 per day.
Half day £400.

Green Screen Filming With Autocue / Teleprompter

Autocue Available as an add on option click here for autocue info. An example of chroma keying would be the weather report shown on television, the presenter is not actually stood in front of a map covered with forcasts for that week. Infact, the presenter is stood in front a plain green or blue background as shown above. The map itself, which the view sees, is designed with a comprehensive software program like the colourful image shown above. As you can see the composite image has replaced the green background. This technique is called Chromakey and is done with in-picture electronic switching between the two video sources.

Blue or Green is generally chosen as a key colour because these tones do not predominantly exisit in our flesh colour. Our studio uses a green background, therefore it is important that presenters do not wear green as Chromakey techniques are used to remove this colour.

With our portable Chromakey system supplied by us, setting up a studio in an office or even a storeroom couldn't be easier. With a flick of the wrist and placing the light ring on the camera, you can be shooting within minutes and with a minimal amount of lighting. The results are natural skin tones and even lighting which is normally impossible to achieve with regular chromakey technologies.

Our chromakey video filming system is available for hire with a member of our film crew. You can produce the final result of the chromakey using your own video editing software or we can produce the final output for you.

If you wish to have your own presenter, choose from a selection of professionals with a range of styles to choose from. The Web Presenter People , our sister site has more information regarding the subject of web video and creating web presenters, take a look.

Green Screen Chroma key Blue screen video Crawley Sussex London

Green Screen Chroma key Blue screen video Crawley Sussex London