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Cine to DVD & Transfer 8mm Film FAQ

  • We've put together the most commonly asked questions regarding cine transfer. If you can't find your answer here please contact us. There is no such thing as a stupid question. We're always happy to help.

    Q. What does the finished DVD look like? Is it professionally produced with animated menus?
    A. Our Cine to DVD transfer comes with a professionally produced animated themed menu system. This is supplied free as part of our standard pricing. To see what the DVD looks like when playing click here

    Q. Do you have a Free Cine Demo DVD which shows me the quality of your service?
    A. Yes we do. We are so confident that you'll be impressed by the quality of our film conversion services that we can supply on request a Free Demo DVD. Please contact us for your free copy.

    Q. Do you have any Cine Transfer Examples which shows me the quality of your service?
    A. Yes we do, please click here. To see full DVD quality examples we can supply on request a Free Demo DVD. Please contact us for your free copy.

    Q. I've been told that some cine to dvd companies put their company logo in the top left hand corner of the screen all the way through the transfer, rather like Sky TV. Do you do this?
    A. No we don't, your films are your memories. We don't have any company logos running through your programme to intrude on your enjoyment.

    Q. I would like extra copies of the DVD for friends & family. How much are they?
    A. Each additional DVD is £7.50 (at time of order) which comes printed and cased in a DVD library box. DVD's supplied at a later date are £10.00 per DVD.

    Q. What is the approx running time of each cine reel I have?
    A. Running times are on our cine film running times page

    Q. What do your customers say? Do you have a testimonials page?
    A. Yes you can see what some of our customers say. Have a read through our testimonials page.

    Q. Do you scan 35mm film slides?
    A. For the high quality scanning of 35mm film slides we recommend Scanning Studio. .

    Q.Do you offer a high quality archival grade transfer for long term master storage?
    A. The following page archive storage, details our gold service.

    Q. Will we get our films back?
    A. Yes of course they are returned in the same condition, or better as we receive them.

    Q. I don't know what's on them or what order should they be done in, can they be edited?
    A. Yes, we transfer your films in the normal way to one of our computers and make a DVD for you which you can play on your computer or DVD player making a note of the timings of the edits. Your computer or DVD player will display the timings. You can then email us your list and we can edit them into the right order. We charge £40 per technician hour for this service, the final cost is about 50% more than that of not having them edited.

    Q.What's included with the basic transfer?
    A. The following page shows examples of what is included with our basic cine transfer service.

    Q.Do you have an online order form to make things easier for me to send you my cine films?
    A. The following page is our online cine order form.

    Q. I've heard that the films flicker when they are transferred to video, is this true?
    A. No, flicker may occur when attempting to transfer a cine film with a home camcorder. Our electronic process is flicker-free even with 16mm silent films.

    Q. I've got a whole load of films which belonged to my father I've no idea what length they are, how can I tell?
    A. 50ft films films are easy to identify as they 3 inches/7cm across, they run for about 4 minutes. Larger reels are usually marked in metres and feet but not always as some people put their 50ft films onto large audio tape reels. We need to see these before we can give a quotation.

    Q. Can my cine films be transferred to other formats?
    A. Yes we can transfer to almost any tape or electronic format, just ask for a quotation.

    Q. Do your prices include return postage?
    A. No, but we only charge postage at cost. All cine films are returned by 1st Class Recorded or Special delivery. For weights over 2Kg we use next day TNT delivery.

    Q. I want my cine films transferred as a same day/next day service. Is this possible?
    A. We can arrange this although this is at extra cost. Please contact us for our Rapid service rates.

    Q. I want to edit my cine films once you have created the DVD / Video tape
    A. There are a number of ways of doing this. Please see our Home Editing section.

    Q.What is telecine ?
    A. The word telecine comes from the combination of Television and Cinema, and it is the process of transferring film into digital form, machines which transfer film are known as telecine machines.

    Q.I have lots of broken and damaged film. Do you do a film restoration service?
    A. Yes we do offer a restoration service. Click here for restoration details.

    Q. Do you offer a film cleaning service to help preserve my original films
    A. Yes we can provide a cleaning service. Normally this is not required unless you know your films are in poor condition and have been stored badly over the years. Please see our film cleaning page.

    Q. Can you colour correct a film which has faded colour?
    A. Yes we can provide a colour correction service for films which have faded colour. Please see our film colour correction. page

    Q. Do you accept orders outside of the UK?
    A. Yes we accept orders worldwide.

    Q. How do I pay for your transfer service
    A. You pay when the job is completed by us. Please don't send payment with the order. Once we have contacted you stating that the job is ready for posting or collection you can pay either by personal cheque or online, with your credit card, on our secure payment page.