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Cine to DVD & Video Transfer Testimonials

  • Our customers often write to comment on our cine to DVD service. If you've any comments regarding our service for converting Cine films to DVD then we would love to hear from you.

    Remember we also convert cine (Super 8, 8mm, Standard 8 & 16mm film) to AVI, Mpeg2, QuickTime and MIniDV tape.

    Here is what some of of customers have said about the results of their home movie cine conversion.

    Hi Claire,

    I justed wanted to say thank you very much for transferring all our old tapes etc, I'd forgotten how much we'd actually recorded of the children when they were small, and its a delight to see it all come to life again.

    I will definately recommend you to others.

    Kind regards,

    Thank you very much for the prompt and proffessional way you dealt with my order.
    Paul Moth

    Dear Claire,

    Please accept my apology for the delay in contacting you.

    I have property in France and I take friends over for War Walking trips and that�s where I�ve been.

    I have just viewed the transfer and all I can say is �Excellent and excellent�.
    Like most things first tried, there is a little anxiety but what a result.
    i would just like to say thank you for doing a great job on the films to dvd

    Colours are vibrant and to think this particular film was taken using �not the highest quality camera� for the time.

    The transfer is brilliant. I think my mother will love it.

    Many thanks once again. I am so �chuffed�.

    I will be sending the next batch in approximately one month. Contact you before.

    Kind regards,
    Kevin Potter

    Hi, i have just received the cine films and dvd back and would like to thank you very much for the great job you have done and the speed in which you did it! I can't believe how amazing it is, to see these images on dvd will bring enormous enjoyment to my husbands grandfather on his 90th birthday next week. I have passed on your details to a friend who has about eight films, some with sound, because she never knew this could be done!

    Thank you once again,
    Annette Bosher

    Dear Claire and Paul,

    Recieved the transferred DVD'S and film yesterday. Really delighted with the result. Many thanks,

    Yours sincerely

    John fb Davies

    Hi Paul and Claire
    Many thanks for the DVDs which are excellent and much enjoyed by the family.

    Your quality is very good � way above the other two studios that I tried. Also your service is very fast.

    I am most impressed.

    Many thanks
    Margaret Bloom

    Hi Claire,
    Sorry for delay in writing to you.
    I have received the last batch of transfers last week.


    The quality of transfer is astounding and the production matches.
    Makes you think though!
    My son, who is 1 to 2 years old at the time, is now older than what I was when I took them!

    My wife Brenda and I could not stop laughing at them. We�ve loved every memory.
    Sadly the vast majority of adults in these �pics� are now not with us.

    What is amazing is how circumstances change through your life�s journey.
    Looking at our first home, with carpet that was thread bare and such, to now deciding whether to buy another property in France or not!
    Circumstances with hard work and luck certainly make a change.

    Thing is though, sometimes I yearn for the simplicity of our first years together.
    As a struggling young family (as most are) things were easier.

    Please give once again, my thanks to all.

    Not long to our next package.

    Kind regards,
    Kevin Potter

    Hi there,

    I've just had some super 8mm transfered by you (Ben Hall) I just wanted to say thanks so much, it looks & sounds great. The footage on these reels are of me taking my first steps, grandparents who have past away & just general priceless footage of my family that I haven't seen in about 20 years! So yeah, thanks & I really appreciate the hand delivery of the rushes / DV - I was pretty nervous sending it by post.



    Just to let you know that the DVD and my cine films arrived safely today. I have already had a sneak preview and I can see that you have done an excellent job. I am very pleased with the result. Thank you very much for your prompt and efficient service.

    Best wishes

    Dear Paul and colleagues,

    This is a short note to thank you for a job very well done. The film and the DVD arrived safely (and early).

    As I said before, I find the turn-around time very impressive.

    The DVD is well presented, and I very much noted the professional touch. The selection of the scenes to be included in the menu sequence was done with thought and understanding. The background music, of which I did not think at all I must admit, was chosen carefully and it very nicely suits the images. As my wife commented correctly, it is clear that someone devoted close attention to the content and constantly adjusted the music accordingly e.g. a more solemn music when a grave was filmed (� just in case you wondered, the location was The Weitzman Institute in Israel, and the grave is of Chaim Weitzman � the First President of Israel and an important Brit to boot).

    In summary, it is clear that although this is obviously a tiny piece of work � you treated it in a completely professional and dignified manner. In my eyes, this is how truly good companies should act � although unfortunately many do not.
    I am sending the film to my mother (who appears in the film pregnant with me!) and I am sure she will be thrilled to watch her late parents for the first time on a screen.
    Thanks again, and all the best,

    Ido Ben-Shaul
    PS It goes without saying that I will of course recommend your services to whomever will ask me !


    I posted off my precious cine film to you in a little trepidation. The concept of just posting it off and then waiting to see what would happen was a little alien, to me. However your service has been absolutely brilliant, it works a treat. Within days of my posting I got your email, paid within hours and there the next day or so was the DVD plus the original.

    An absolutely fantastic service.

    What was on the DVD was professional, not just a straight copy of the film images.

    Thank you so much, I am really impressed and will recommend you to anyone.
    Best regards

    Dear Claire,

    This e-mail is to thank you and your team for a wonderful transfer done of my family's memories which were on 8mm cine tapes onto DVD. Watching the DVDs brought back instant flashback to all members of our family and rekindled those lost moments in our minds.

    Once again as they say here in Tanzania, Ahsante Sana (thank you very much)!!!
    Kind regards
    Sanjay K. Oza
    Finance Manager
    Scania Tanzania Limited

    Dear Excelsior,

    Our films and DVD copy were returned today. I wanted to let you know that my mother was VERY impressed with the results. The quality was so much better than we could have achieved here. The compilation was very satisfactory too. Amazing that you can get such results from 45 year old amateur film.

    The big shock was the order being turned around in 3 days. That is we posted special delivery to you on day one, and the results were back here on day three. Excellent! I doubt that many could do that.

    Considering the value of the images and the potential hassle of us trying to do it, your fees seemed very reasonable. If I find any more films, they will be heading to you.

    Lastly, thanks for not ripping us off on the postage. Again, fair and reasonable.

    Nice to do business with a firm that lives up to their pitch.

    All comments unsolicited.

    My best wishes,
    David Foakes CEng CITP MBCS

    Just wanted to say thanks for converting my cine films to DVDs - though I havent yet looked at them all, I'm delighted with what you've done in terms of quality, chaptering etc - all very much appreciated, right at the top end of what I'd hoped for, so thanks very much.
    All the best
    Fra Cooke

    Just to let you know that I have received the DVD today, I would like to add that I have been very impressed with the quality and the professionalism of service I have been provided.
    I do happen to have a great amount of more films(maybe 40) that I would like to have converted to DVD. Would it be okay to send all of them in one bulk to you?
    Please let me know
    Regards Tony