Cine DVD Telecine. What's Included?

Once your home movies have been processed and digitally enhanced by our unique transfer system they will be finally authored to a themed DVD. We charge no extra for the animated themed DVD menu system or the music or chapter markers approximately every 10 minutes accessible from your remote control.

If you have requested animated chapters these will be on a separate page accessible from the main menu, see example below.

Basic defined chapter points so as you can jump to the start of each cine reel are £1.00 each, whilst the more advanced animated chaptering shown below is charged at £5.00 per chapter.


The screen below shows examples of DVD chaptering. All chapters are animated and show scenes from your defined chapter points. Chapters are available like the ones shown for £5.00 each.

Suitable music is included with the basic transfer service. This is optional and is included by default with all silent film transfers. If you would prefer to have the films transfered to DVD with no background music please make this clear with your instructions.


Home Movie to DVD Cine Film Transfer Services:- Information about our high quality home movie cine to DVD and video tape service, using the latest HD technology . We capture each frame of your home movie footage so you don't miss a thing.

We are so confident that you'll be impressed by the quality of our film conversion services that we can supply on request a Free Demo DVD. This DVD shows a sample selection of the film transfers that we can do and the quality obtained. Please contact us for your free copy.

We can transfer copy and convert Super 8 Standard 8 and 16mm Home Movie cine films to DVD mini dv DVCAM avi MPEG and Quicktime. We can also transfer your film footage to a variety of other formats such as BetaSP, please ask for details.

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Home Movie Film cleaning & preservation. Please see our film cleaning page.

Film colour correction service. Please see our film colour correction page.

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