Transfer, copy or conversion from Music Video QT / AVI files or tape to Digibeta for broadcast

Digibeta is the broadcast industry tape format for standard definition (SD) transmission used by the majority of channels.

Music Video Digibeta Transfer Ready For Broadcast

We can transfer from virtually any type of file or tape to Digibeta for you.

The above prices include bars and tones, colour safe legalisation and correction of sound levels to comply with channel requirements. Sound levels on your file should not exceed -10db. Please note we DO NOT watch and comment on your music video, you should ensure that it is as you intend it to be for broadcast.

We use Royal Mail Special Delivery (RMSD) which ensures your tape is received next day either back to you or straight to the music channel.

Turnaround is 1-3 working days from receipt and payment is made on line by Debit or Credit Card when we have checked your file and are ready to output to Digibeta.

Please ensure you check your video carefully before sending ensuring that is in stereo, the sound is not distorted, there are no mixed aspect ratios or fast flashing frames as your tape may be rejected by the music channel. You also need to check the lip sync and that the video has been rendered properly.

Full UK Service for Music Video to DigiBeta Tape Transfer

We offer full UK coverage for music videos to Digital Betacam transfer supporting customers from all parts of the UK including: London, Brighton, Manchester, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Liverpool, Aberdeen, Belfast, Birmingham, Bradford, Bristol, Cardiff, Coventry, Dundee, Leeds, Inverness, Milton Keynes, Hull, Nottingham, Leicester, Oxford, Cambridge, Eastbourne,
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