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Here are a number of video tape examples that we can convert or transfer:

Digibeta full name Digital Betacam. Broadcast quality tape used by the television industry. Comes in two sizes, small (bit smaller than a VHS tape and large (twice the size of a VHS tape). Maximum recording time 2 hours.
Costs (new):- Tapes £8-£45 Camcorder £23000-£29000, Player £7000-£12000, Recorder £20000-£23000

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miniDV, DVCAM, DVD, CD, Beta SP, avi, quicktime, MPEG. Digibeta Copying & Conversions Prices

Betacam SP, (superior performance). This was the industry standard tape before digibeta, the physical size of the tape is the same as that of digibeta. Maximum recording time on large tape, 1hour 40 mins (90 tape, they always give you a bit more)

XDCAM HD / XDCAM SD Rated between HDV and HDCAM in terms of picture quality, features and price. Records High Definition pictures onto a solid, removable disc. MPEG Long GOP encoding ensures crisp, clear picture quality with true 1080-line resolution. The data rate can be switched between 35/25/18Mbps, allowing picture quality and recording time to be chosen, tailored for the application.

Mini DV Exceptionally common tape and used in most home camcorders as well as more professional camcorders. Can also be used to record DVCAM (see below) but with a reduced recording time i.e. a one hour mini tape wil only last 40 mins when recorded in DVCAM mode.

DVCAM Very similar to DV but the recording speed is 50% higher and used by corporate video makers and budget television. Very popular, robust and value for money format

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