Super 8, standard 8mm & 16mm film transferred to DVD & digital file formats AVI Quicktime etc.
Professionally preserving and converting your 8mm & 16mm home movie footage for the digital age.
Family memories for future generations.
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8mm & 16mm Cine Film / Home Movies Running Time / Reel Sizes

  • Please use the table below as a guide as to the running time of each reel you have. Running times will vary depending on speed the film was taken at, either 18 or 24 frames per second. Our system adjusts easily between the two speeds.

    Reel Diameter Size 8mm Film (@ 18fps) 16mm Film (@ 24fps)
    3.5" Diameter 50 ft reel 4 mins 2 mins
    5" Diameter 200 ft reel 15 mins 6 mins
    7" Diameter 400 ft reel 30 mins 11.5 mins
    9" Diameter 800 ft reel 60 mins 22.5 mins
    12" Diameter 1200 ft reel 90 mins 34.5 mins
    13.5" Diameter 1600 ft reel N/A 45 mins

    Home Movie to DVD Cine Film Transfer Services:- Information about our high quality home movie cine to DVD and video tape service, using the latest HD technology . We capture each frame of your home movie footage so you don't miss a thing.

    We are so confident that you'll be impressed by the quality of our film conversion services that we can supply on request a Free Demo DVD. This DVD shows a sample selection of the film transfers that we can do and the quality obtained. Please contact us for your free copy.

    We can transfer copy and convert Super 8 Standard 8 and 16mm Home Movie cine films to DVD mini dv DVCAM avi MPEG and Quicktime. We can also transfer your film footage to a variety of other formats such as BetaSP, please ask for details.