Super 8, standard 8mm & 16mm film transferred to DVD & digital file formats AVI Quicktime etc.
Professionally preserving and converting your 8mm & 16mm home movie footage for the digital age.
Family memories for future generations.
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Cine to DVD, 8mm & 16mm film transfer

We can transfer your 16mm, Super 8 or Standard 8 on to DVD to watch and enjoy, or to computer video files or miniDV tape for you to edit at home. We digitally enhance your films to make them more vibrant, clearer and brighter.

Film Formats. We can work with virtually all types of silent and sound cine film including 16mm, Standard 8 and Super 8 from the 1920's right up to the latest film projects by students using Super 8 and 16mm.

Our Cine to DVD transfer comes with a professionally produced interactive menu.

Cine Transfer - How it's done

Each film is transferred by a triple CCD high definition (HD), recording 1080 picture lines. This is then transferred to a computer as a digital file where it is reviewed and enhanced. The high definition film capture enables us to capture each film at its optimum quality. We remove any blank sections from your home movies, add music and titles if desired and output to DVD. Our cine to DVD service produces excellent results and there is no flicker or centre hotspot with our cine processing method even on very old 16mm 16 frames per second film.

If necessary, speed adjustment, colour correction and film grading is undertaken during the enhancement stage. This is free of charge and ensures a quality restoration of colour balance for your films.

We are so confident that you'll be impressed by the quality of our film conversion service that we offer a Free Demo DVD. This DVD shows a sample selection of the film transfers that we can do and the quality obtained. Please contact us for your free copy. No follow up sales calls are made.

Cine Transfer Prices

  • Costs for 8mm cine/home movie transfer are

    The first 50ft £30.00 (including the DVD, mini DV or digital file
    Each 50ft reel (4 minutes) £8.00
    Each full 100ft reel (8 minutes) £12.00
    Each full 200ft reel (16 minutes) £24.00
    Each full 400ft reel (30 minutes) £48.00
    No extra charge for sound transfer if present
    Library case included at no extra cost
    Chapter marker for each reel included at no extra cost
    Background music included at no extra cost
    Prices include VAT

  • Cine Film Conversion Optional extras-

    Each additional DVD copy £10.00 per DVD. Each simple title with chapter marker £3.50
    Animated Chaptering as sub menu, £5.00 each
    16mm costs are here
    Return Post & Packing at cost, Royal Mail Recorded or Special delivery
    Please note that we only charge for the actual length of film not the reel size
    8mm / 16mm Scanning to high end formats such as HDV, DVCAM, BetaSP & DigiBeta also available. Please ask for costs.

  • Extra copies of your cine transfer

    Remember ordering extra copies of your DVD for friends and family is only £7.50 per DVD, at time of order. Additional copies supplied later £10.00 per DVD.

  • Cine Film Conversion by Professionals

    Excelsior Films Ltd who have been digitising films since 1986 always keeping pace with the latest technology to ensure the very best results for our clients. Film transfer is overseen by Paul McGrath who has been involved with film since childhood and has a large personal archive of 8mm & 16mm cine films. We have transferred many large and small family collections, company archives and museum collections for viewing or long term storage.

A Fast Quality Cine to DVD Service

As all our film transfers are done in house the average turn-a-round is 5 to 8 working days. We also offer a Same Day service too.

Why Choose Us For Cine Film Transfer?

  • Why Choose Us For Cine Film Transfer?

    Established in 1986 Cine Conversions is run by two very experienced film technicians, Paul and Claire.

    We use the highest quality transfer equipment to ensure the very best results.

    We operate a UK wide mail order service or you can come and see us personally at our studios near Gatwick.

    You can call us and talk to us personally.

    All work is carried out by us at our premises, no sub-contracting.

    Fast turnaround with same day option if required.

    A demo DVD is available to see examples of our work.

    If you would like a more bespoke service then you can come and sit with us while we edit.

    Film Conversion Technician Contact Details
    Talk to a Film
    01293 54 22 33


“... Dear Claire I just wanted to say thank you so much for the cine transfer DVD etc. My Dad (and Mum) were so thrilled and it really made the day for him! I thought you might like to put this as feedback on the website because i was so worried entrusting films that contain such precious memories which do not belong to me to people i do not know, i needn't have worried! Being able to bring and collect them was helpful and you completed them so quickly! Once again thank you. ...”

Lesley Charnick

“... I asked Excelsior Film & Video to transfer my old Super-8 cine films to a format suitable for my home computer. Their service and communication were excellent but I wasn't prepared for the impact of the finished films. The quality is simply amazing. Thank you Excelsior, a fully professional and affordable service. I would recommend them to anyone wishing to revisit films that remain forgotten in the attic...... ...”

Mr P K Joyce

“... Hi, i have just received the cine films and dvd back and would like to thank you very much for the great job you have done and the speed in which you did it! I can’t believe how amazing it is, to see these images on dvd will bring enormous enjoyment to my husbands grandfather on his 90th birthday next week. I have passed on your details to a friend who has about eight films, some with sound, because she never knew this could be done! Thank you once again, ...”

Annette Bosher