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Cine transfer to MiniDV Tape, For Home Editing

We can transfer copy and convert Super 8, Standard 8 and 16mm Home Movie cine films to miniDV tape. This service is most suitable for users who can connect their home MiniDV camcorder to their computer.

Our fees for 8mm cine transfer to mini DV are:-

  • The first 50ft £30.00
  • Each 50ft reel (4 minutes) £7.00
  • Each full 100ft reel (8 minutes) £10.00
  • Each full 200ft reel (16 minutes) £20.00
  • Each full 400ft reel (30 minutes) £40.00
  • Each film break repair £1.00
  • No extra charge for sound transfer
  • 16mm costs are here
  • Transfer to DVD as additional format £30
  • Return Post & Packing at cost, Recorded or Special
  • Please note that we only charge for the actual length of film not the reel size

How it's done:- Each film is transferred by a triple CCD high definition (HD), recording 1080 picture lines, chipset and transferred to a computer as a digital file. The high definition film capture enables us to capture your film at its optimum quality. Our cine transfer service produces excellent results with no flicker or centre hotspot.

Please ask for a free sample DVD of a Quicktime or AVI telecine scan to see the quality on your computer. There are no follow up communications or hard sell, we believe the quality speaks for itself.

Remember to send us all your contact details. You can always use our online form if it makes it easier. Online cine order request form

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