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Cine Transfer Gold Mastering - Archive Grade DVD

In addition to the high quality Verbatim DVDs we use for your cine transfer we also offer Verbatim Gold master DVDs at 10 each which we recommend you safely store. Whilst they play like any other DVD we advise that they are used for long term storage and not played.
We are grateful to Verbatim for allowing us to use the words below and picture from their website.

Each disc is manufactured using a unique dual reflective layer to maximize both compatibility and longevity. To further extend media lifetime. Gold Archive DVDs contain a hard coating on the recording side to protect the discs from scratches.

  • Proprietary dual reflective layer technology
  • Gold layer maximizes disc lifetime by protecting data from corrosion
  • Silver layer delivers high reflectivity and broad read/write compatibility
  • Hard coating protects recording surface against scratches and rough handling.
  • Patented Verbatim azo dye technology, 8X speed recording.

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